Monday, January 19, 2009

La Musica...

So im on Perez Hilton Today....and he's talking about Brittney Spears. I happen to love her and all of her new songs. I think that she has gone through so much and people need to just leave her along....

ANyway back to the reason im doing this post. She has a new song out called "If you Seek Amy." now the directions were to say this slowly and see what you come up with,Me and Juvie..the roomie, were really saying this slowly trying to figure it out...but of course it wasn't working too well.
so we proceed to the comments and we pass a few that says its "fuck Me" but we still didn't hear it. then we finally come to the comment that says..."translation= "F.U.C.K ME" and it hits me.... take a listen and see for yourself...very clever, i will say!!

"If You Seek Amy"...F.U.C.K ME

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