Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Start

The night Before...As me and Juvie {the roomie}, settle into bed i start to wonder. What happens to your body once you die. Both of us unable to sleep discuss this and our thoughts about the topic. We talk about outter space, evolution, and all the other mysteries of the world. If i would of know that something else was going to happen i would of NEVER brought up the subject...

The Day..January 20, 2009. A great Day, I thought as i went to bed, When i wake up i start my first day of classes, and i wake up to witness a new historic president. Instead at 8:30, all i hear is Beyonce, blaring from my phone. Annoyed of course, bc i def. do not wake up that early, and every one knows it. I get up annoyed, huffing and puffing, Who is it??? Someone that i have told plenty of times to not contact me. The message reads "I know your sleep, but call me when you get this," So my first thought is, if you know im sleeping and your still texting maybe its something semi important. Even though i know nothing important ever comes out of his mouth, i call anyway. As he blurts out the news to me, totally disregarding my feelings, i feel that it is a joke, bad dream, anything but the truth. A close friend and a very sweet guy from high school was shot and killed at 2:00 in the morning. AT this point no one sure of the details, I'm totally distraught, this couldn't be true. Not one bit of this ridiculous story can be true. As the tears start rolling down my face, i start to make calls to see if the same story had reached my friends, and then reality hit... the story was TRUE. for the past two days i have been thinking about this over and over and over, and trying to make sense out of what has just happened. It has taken my by complete shock, and i can not stop thinking of the last time i spoke with him. ME being the spoiled brat that i am, got upset because he wouldn't come when i wanted him to come see me. Telling him not to worry that we would see each other over winter break, i didn't think twice about telling him to forget coming over. i still can not believe that someone would do this to him, he was the most calm mannered boy i have ever met, and the nicest man that i have ever met. Always doing and thinking of others before himself. If he can read my thoughts up in heaven, i hope that he gets the fact that he was always important to me, and always a great friend, and for that i will always be thankful for his friendship.

Knowing that he is in a better place without petty, jealous, ignorant, selfish people i can sleep easier at night. Francis Warren, you will always be important to the people who knew you, and you will never be forgotten. R.I.P...we loveyou.

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Anonymous said...

sorry for your loss <3