Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lies Lies Lies....

Okk so now i am really frustrated, mad, upset, and angry. and trust i never ever get angry, and very seldom do i become mad. but this one right here has really gotten me. So someone is going around telling my boyfriend things that are not true. Not one thing about this story is ture. Now i can clear myself and have the other party confront the problem. but of course my boyfriend doesnt want to hear that. He wants the truth, but doesnt want to hear the truth from the source. Now he claims HIS source is sooooo reliable...and is soooo truthful that he knows its the truth. So if it is such a reliable source and he stands by what he says then why cant i know who the person is?? and why cant the person confront me and the other party of the story. And why has this reliable source changed his story not once but 3 times?? Of course my boyfriend does not realize the cracks in the story, he only sees what he THINKS is true. Now maybe i wouldn't be soo upset if my boyfriend wouldnt believe this foolishness, but he does. and therefore our relationship is hurt. i know that this bothering him and has hurt him deeply but it is not true. & i have the other party willing to say it is not true. so why does he still believe this "RELIABLE SOURCE"?? the source isnt doing anything to prove what he is saying is true. Anyway...had to get that off of my chest. ppl and their "he say...she say" mess. They need to mind theirs, let me live and start taking more interest into their own lifes.


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