Friday, February 13, 2009

Sad...Hurt....Disgusted...NEVER AGAIN

NEVER AGAIN...,and you can quote me if you like, will i ever in my entire life be in a serious relationship again. BOYS, MEN, whatever they want to be called are all pieces of SHIT.
Every relationship that i have been in gets fucked up some way some how. and for some reason its always my fault, so I'm starting to think that its me. And it probably is, so that's why, now " I'm all about ME like Paris Hilton." Fuck trying to make someone else happy or waiting for someone to make me happy, I'm going to make myself happy, and I'm determined to be happy no matter what!!!
I've have been in this relationship for almost 2 years...the end of march would make two years...and even though we say we are happy and we try to put on a brave face for the audience, and all the nosey people, reality is that shit hasn't been good since the start. Our relationship like others was based on sex, that's how it started, helped and ended....SEX. Even though i know i love him and i know that he is the most important person to me, he has NEVER trusted me. He tries to convince himself that he does but in reality he does not. I have known this for quite sometime, since the start, but i have always felt so deeply about him that i tried to ignore all of the other stuff and have tried to put on a brave face to keep him happy, its never enough.
I can not be and refuse to be in another relationship where the other person does not care at all. and right now im not feeling up to looking or dating someone else trying to find the right person.


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