Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So my big 21 birthday is coming up!!!!!

My Cousin and i are having a boat ride party and it shall be fun.
My bff domo is coming from home. my two best friends at school {juvie&Marissa} are going to be there.
& a few of my lovely team mates from the dance team. I can not wait and im glad these people will be there to help me celebrate.

As for getting older...{sighhh}....I cant really believe that im turning 21 and it really does not feel as if im 21. i can barely remember anything, so i guess the lack of memory limits me from feeling a type of age. i also believe that age is just a mindset. if you act old, you'll feel old. if your spirit is young and youthful, then you are young and youthful.

I am just very thankful to be here to see another day. So many young people are losing their life's everyday and the ones who have life constantly take it for granted. I love my life the people in it, weather we are best friends or associates, everyone has a special purpose in my life. i can learn and grow from each and every one of them. and i think that makes way for a great friendship and a great person.

So for everyone in my life...thanks for your contribution in The Life Of Meggan. MUAHHH


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Unbreakable said...

Happy Birth day, i hope you guys have blast on that boat ride!