Monday, February 2, 2009

25 random facts....

So for those of you who do the whole facebook thing.... you should of gotten about 20 notifications saying that, so and so, tagged you in their note. The note entails 25 random facts that you may not know about the person, or that the person just wants to put out there. facts include personal stuff as well as things that just irk their nerves. Me and Domo..{} decided we would do one for fun. both of us not thinking that we would be able to come up with something good enough. Her's was pretty good....mine a little bland. but ill post it for you guys on here, since non of you know me!!! hehehehe enjoy. ohh and i did a bit more then 25.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. Elector Tomasa is my middle name for all of you A-holes out there who constantly make fun of me. They are both of my Grandmothers names, and i love them!!

2. I am an ONLY child. NOT spoiled. but i have always wished for brothers and sisters. It is very lonely being an only child, and not having any cousins your age to relate too.

3. I've always dreamed of Living in NY...and i'm doing it now.

4. Im in school for journalism & I am the worse speller {Spell check is the best thing ever}. After college i want to host a TV show, something in entertainment and once im older i want to be a news anchor.

5. My one goal and dream in life is to be on Maxims.

6. A very good friend of mine has recently passed.. I regret everyday not being able to come home for the funeral. & since he has passed, there is not an hour that passes by that i do not think of him. R.I.P Frankie.

7. Im Puerto Rican & Black, but i don't speak spanish. Another thing i regret. =/

8. I have made mistakes in my life, but i try not to look at them as mistakes, but rather lessons learned.

9. I've cheered all my life, now im on a dance team, but i miss cheerleading and it will always be my first love. Tennis comes second.

10. I almost got thru. my grade school days without getting into a fight, UNTIL high school. =P..... If you were there you know what happened...if not...just know that I didn't lose!! =P =P

11. Ha...My Boyfriend is Paki. lol His parents dont know about us, and prob. never will. I still ♥ him tho. He treats me well. We have our problems, but he cares for me deeply, and i will always love him!!

12. I've started to become more comfortable with myself.

13. I keep my friends close to me...they are the siblings I've always wanted. we fight and argue, but i love them and no one can replace them. DB, SS, KD, JP, DP, PS, AP, RB.

14. Im scared to lose my mother.

15. I've always hated people who judge others without knowing the person first.

16. I never understood why people hate and are jealous over others. Be happy and thankful for what you have, stop trying to have what everyone else has!!!!!!!!!!!!

17. I going to be successful. Anything less then what i want is unacceptable.

18. People think I'm Indian.... heheheheehe

19. My father said he put 2 G's in my First name to match the 2 T's in my last name. Pretty gay if you ask me, but he made a common name like Megan unique.

20. I'm trying to have the fun typical NY night life, while going to school {full time}, and working. Its hard, but you only live once, and your only young once. i don't want my life to pass me by without having fun.!!!!

21. Savion is the little brother i have always wanted...he is a blessing. & i love him.

22. Im going to do a few more then just 21.

23. I have many idols...... Marylin Monroe. The Kardishans{i love that family}, Eva Longoria Parker, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima....just to name a few.

24. i hope to be as strong as a women as my mother and grandmothers. They are who i strive to be like.

25. My father doesn't like me bc i act and look like my mother. & sometimes my mother doesn't like me bc act like my father.!!!! hehehehehe

26. my godmother is the sweetest person anyone could ever met in their lives. Met her once and you'll fall in love. She has always been there for me, and her family is like a second family to me!

27. Im turning 21 this month. 24 days to be exact. hehehehe cant wait!!!!!

28. i try to lead my life the best way i can.

29. I am spoiled...but im not a brat. lol and i do not get everything i want. I receive what i need, and anything else is extra and i must work for it myself.

30. i laugh at everything....and i love it. so i've probably laughed at you a couple of times.

31. i think some people are not worth my time.

32. i think its funny that people still prank call!! GROW UP...thanks!!!

33..Right now, I love my life. I'm living the dream, and making the best out of the cards i've been dealt!! .I love Me....The End!!!

ohhh....& I DO WHAT I WANT, & SAY WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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