Monday, January 26, 2009


So as a good friend has died...and my mother batteling cancer, for the 3rd time, i have decided to live my as i want it. Often i find myself not doing things, keeping the thoughts of friends and strangers in the back of my head. I want to have that fun city life that so many young people in NY have. "Bright Lights, Long Nights" (anyone know that song??). Anyway...i want to go out for drinks and long talks with friends on random nights, clubbing til the early hours and having to go to work or class or practice that morning. chic little resturants, and cafe's. I just want to embrace the city in its whole. The whole beautiful, big, exciting, eye catching city. hmmm maybe '09, turning 21, and a new outlook on life will help me gain the lifestyle of a fun, determined, young, socialite. Once i start having my fun..i'll post pictures, and nice places to go!! hehehehe

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