Sunday, January 4, 2009


As i search facebook, and i see all of these new, thought out resolutions i realized that i had not yet declared one for myself. Most of my friends had their resolutions planned out, probably way before the Ball dropped. Their resolutions all included: patients, to get A's this upcoming semester & to lose weight. I thought they were all good resolutions because they all were things that would better them as people and help them out in life. I feel as though when choosing New Year resolutions that, they should be things that are practical, resolutions that you know you will work hard to achieve, accomplish and not give up on.

My resolution, to work on me. To take time out for myself, and care for me first. Another, to make sure that anything i want i work hard for and once i am committed to something that i see it all the way through. I have many goals for the New Year and i want to make sure that all of my goals and dreams come true.& maybe also to not be as lazy as i am sometimes =/ . I shall work hard non stop....The world is my oyster.
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